Special Offers for Wellness, Beauty and Spa

Wellness & culinary art 'Mehr als nur Eingemachtes' Wine wellness: grape seeds peeling or grape seed oil massage


Relax for one entire day in our wellness oasis

  • entry to our sauna world
  • 1 dream bath
  • 1 body massage
  • 1 glass of sparkling wine
  • 1 small meal

    99,– €

After Work Wellness

Switch off, relax, renew your energy. Entry to sauna world and body massage. Bookable Sunday to Friday 6 pm to 9.30 pm

  35,– €

Aromatherapy body massage

 60 Minutes   57,– €

Part of body gentle massage

30 Minutes   29,– €

Get coddled by one of our massages. Pleasant and fragrant herbs for wellness and massage

Asian Herb Pouch Massage

At the beginning of the treatment the body is softly knocked with two warmed-up herb pouches. The body is gently stimulated along the meridians. The moist heat has a soothing influence on cramped muscles. At the end of the massage, the face is gently massaged with two special herb pouches, specifically chosen in accordance with the skin type. Warm scents have a soothing influence during the entire treatment.

60 Minutes   69,– €

Lomi Lomi Oil Massage

Besides the classic massage this technique includes loosening of joints as well as rhythmic sounds of Hawaian music. Long massage strokes join all body parts and transmit a feeling of deep security in oneself. After a few minutes the muscles start to relax. The mind starts to calm down, all irritating thoughts disappear and a deep sense of relaxation sets in.

60 Minutes   69,
90 Minutes   98,

In Berg´s Wine Wellness, the entire decor is lovingly created around the wine theme Grant yourself a massage in Berg's wellness area. Your body will appreciate it!

Grapeseed Oil Massage SanVino

Relax with a pleasant body massage with a warming grapeseed oil sack. Feel the energy of the grapeseeds, your muscles loosen and relax. A sensual journey of a special kind.

60 Minutes   69,– €

Ayurveda Massage

60 Minutes   69,– €

Soap Brush Massage SanVino

Let yourself be covered from head to toe in the moisturizing foam of the grapeseed soap. Enjoy a tingling body brush massage.

40 Minutes   42,– €


A completely natural peeling from the raw material of the grapeseed. It cleanses and treats the skin, leaving it smooth and soft. A wonderful skin tonic.

30 Minutes   42,– €